Seattle startup Unikrn today announced new products designed to increase the amount of betting opportunities available for users who watch video game competitions. The new products rolled out today include which uses historical match curation technology to let people bet on past professional esports matches. It’s a first-of-its-kind way to increase the amount of betting content without relying on live matches. meanwhile, is a risk management solution that uses AI trading bots with game analysis and screen-reading integrations to set esports odds creation in real-time. The idea is to let viewers bet on top streamers’ gameplay on platforms such as Twitch, with fully-automated odds. Streamer Betting is available today on four continents. For now, Unikrn makes money in various places around the world where real-money esports betting is allowed. The company also raised $31 million in an initial coin offering two years ago for UnikoinGold, a cryptocurrency created by Unikrn that can be used on its platform to bet on esports matches.